The Swedish developers of Payday 2 at Overkill Software are once again teaming with 505 Games. This time, they're making a first-person shooter based on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead.

505 Games has announced that it will be acting as the exclusive publisher on Overkill Software's The Walking Dead. Overkill, a subsidiary developer of Starbreeze Studios and creators of the popular Payday series, is collaborating with 505 Games and Robert Kirkman to create a co-op, first-person shooter based on The Walking Dead franchise. While we're not surprised to hear that Overkill is once again having 505 Games as its publisher, we're glad to hear that they will be creating a co-op, zombie-filled FPS. We're thoroughly enjoying the heists of Payday 2, and we're sure Overkill will do The Walking Dead justice, as pretty much anything will be better than The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct by this point.

"Partnering with 505 Games on the console publishing for OVERKILL's The Walking Dead will streamline the distribution and marketing of the title in the traditional space and on the digital console marketplace. Having worked together before on the successful PAYDAY-franchise, we are certain this will be a fruitful collaboration." said Bo Andersson Klint, CEO of Starbreeze Studios.

Here's what Robert Kirkman said about the project back at SXSW last month:

One thing that we are doing, which I think is very cool about the Telltale game and the Starbreeze game and Air game is that they are all licensed games, and licensed games are usually somewhat crappy, but thankfully our's aren't. The key I think, which is very important, is that we're not doing, 'Hey, it's Daryl Dixon running around shooting zombies, because you like Daryl Dixon.' Or 'It's Rick Grimes doing this because you like Rick Grimes.' We're telling our own stories and doing our own things almost as if they are original games.

Unfortunately, Rick Grimes' beard might regrow by the time this game releases, as Overkill's The Walking Dead won't launch until 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Here's to hoping we get to see a trailer or some gameplay footage at E3 2015 this June.

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