We already know Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut on the Wii U will be the best version of the game according to Eidos, but we hadn't seen the game in motion... until now.

Though it still doesn't have an official release date, Eidos promises the Wii U version of Deus Ex is coming soon. That's good because we've been looking forward to giving this Director's Cut a chance ever since it was announced.

The new trailer finally allows us to see some of the new version in action, including the improved boss fights. The GamePad controls aren't really seen, but that would be rather tough to do in a gameplay trailer.

With all the DLC and tweaks made to Deus Ex's gameplay, Eidos' claims that the Wii U version is the best might actually come true. Hopefully we won't have to wait much longer to find out.

You can check out the trailer below, and let us know if you'll be giving Deus Ex a chance on the Wii U whenever it finally arrives.