Destiny players will do whatever they can to get the advantage on this addictive, often stingy, game. Some players unplug Lan cables to take down bosses, some set up camp in some loot caves, but for one enterprising gamer, putting one over on Destiny meant building his own robot.

Reddit user Yavin427 used his engineering skills to build a mechanism which automates melee attacks. From there, he finds a spot where enemies roam near enough to respawn points to attack the player and then leaves his character standing in place, caught in an endless loop of punching baddies/the air and respawning. After a few hours Yavin427 returns to find a character who is several levels higher and surrounded by sweet, sweet loot.

Not satisfied with simply punching enemies, Yavin also built an upgraded version of what he's now dubbing as PunchBro, one which not only whacks enemies, but fires off a few potshots at them as well.

Bungie's been pretty strict about nerfing whatever exploit-of-the-week players are using, but Destiny players are like the Jurassic Park velociraptors, always testing the fences, looking for weaknesses, trying to find a way to get a leg up on this harshly fun game.