Just hours after the previous loot cave was shutdown in Destiny, hordes of Guardians are already crowding around the next engram-farming exploit for the sake of getting tons of gear.

Youtube user PS4Trophies has posted a video depicting a new farming location in Destiny that is similar to the loot cave, which became a viral farming location for thousands of players. Both of these locations were designed to spawn a group of enemies that would spread out into an open area. Once each of these specific enemies were killed, a new group would run out from the spawning location (in the first instance it was a cave, this new location is a doorway), in order to repopulate the area.

Players have found that if you were to kill these 6-10 monsters as they run out of their spawn location, another group would spawn and immediately follow. Since enemies randomly drop engrams ranging from uncommon, rare and legendary varieties, players realized that continuously killing these spawning enemies would result in massive yields of dropped items. This has led to thousands of players just camping outside of the first loot cave in order to shoot at its entrance and farm loot for prolonged periods of time, which obviously was not Bungie's intended form of gameplay or loot earning.

While Bungie may have patched the loot cave, this new video has found a similar location on Earth that you are able to farm. We suggest taking a look at the video and seeing this new exploit for yourself. Since it took a good week or so for Bungie to fix the first loot farm (even after it was reported on by most video game news sites), we have a feeling this new location won't be touched for a while. So load up and enjoy.