Bad news for all you guys blindly firing into Destiny's loot cave like a drunken stormtrooper -- Bungie has patched it and announced plenty of other upcoming changes it has in the works.

Bungie has announced a variety of changes coming to Destiny on its official website. The former Halo company acknowledges that there are plenty of people upset with the Cryptarch's engram decoding rates -- a purple engram should have a much higher chance for a legendary item, not a blue or green. The same can be said for the high frequency of blue engrams that result in a green item. Better start saving up those engrams, because Bungie will fix its engram percentages soon.

Of course, that magical, respawning black hole of loot the Internet has dubbed the "Loot Cave" has been closed down. We're surprised it took Bungie this long to patch it, companies like Blizzard would shutdown game-changing exploits instantly. Also, Bungie will also be adding voice communication for Crucible matches, Strikes, the Tower and public places. It is taking its time with this function to avoid online abuse of the feature.

Certain Exotic Weapons will be getting buffed to reflect the hard time it took to farm them. In general, Auto Rifles and Shotguns are being nerfed to be less effective at farther ranges. Meanwhile, Scout Rifles are getting buffed to be harder hitting.

Stay tuned as we'll provide up-to-date coverage of Destiny's post-launch changes once Bungie releases more information.