Bungie's Destiny has found its first max level character as its Queen's Wrath event begins just two weeks after the game's launch.

According to Eurogamer, Mark Edward Neace Jr., also known as N3AC3Y on Xbox Live, has become the first level 30 character in Destiny. Neace's male Exo Hunter has eight legendary items as well as an exotic helmet equipped. His character has logged in over 107 hours of gameplay, with over 25 hours logged in at The Crucible and 13 hours in the Vault of Glass Raid. As of now, his Hunter has 1463  Defense, 120 Light, and over 300 Intellect.

Destiny is running the Queen's Wrath event in-game throughout the next two weeks. In the upper area of the Tower (behind the bounty vendor) there is a newly opened area that has the Awoken Queen's emissary. This emissary is a vendor for the Queen's Wrath faction. Raise your rep by doing the new Queen's Wrath bounties and you can buy shaders, emblems, class items and rare weapons.

The Queen's Wrath event has some Kill Orders for you to do on left side of the planet selection screen. These Kill Orders are heroic missions that have a Level 24 minimum requirement. We suggest going for these Kill Orders in Fireteams of three characters who are at least Level 24 or higher -- they're that tough. These Kill Order missions don't unlock until you do some of the bounties. Doing these Kill Orders give you a chance to win Queen-themed Legendary gear that you couldn't get otherwise at the end of each mission.

The Queen's Wrath event will end on Oct. 6.