It's been a week since Destiny was released to the masses and Guardians started flooding the skies. But what are some of the official stats?

The Bungie Weekly Update gives us the rundown on some of Destiny's inaugural stats. Bungie's Community Manager DeeJ informs us that several records have been broken and lists them as follows:

  • 100 Million Hours Played - Apparently, Guardians have logged enough hours to watch 'The Lord of the Rings' Special Extended Editions almost 8.8 million times. That's a whole lot of walking.
  • 137 Million Activities Played - DeeJ equates this to 535,156 regular seasons of the NFL and jokingly calls it "American Handegg" for our European friends. He also clarifies that one Crucible match counts as one, single activity, no matter the number of unique players in the session.
  • The average gameplay session on the weekdays lasts for about 3 hours. On the weekends, it's bumped up to four hours. We're all a bunch of weekend warriors, it would seem.
  • 1 Billion Player Deaths have been recorded in the Crucible. Fragtastic.
These are just a few of the stats revealed for the first week. We can't wait to see how astronomic these stats get as time goes on.