Now that we're all level 20 or higher, all sorts of PVE and PVP events are coming to Destiny to help close out September.

Bungie has announced a ton of new events for Destiny on its official website. Starting from today until Sept. 21, the Combined Arms Crucible Weekend Playlist will be in effect. You will be able to earn Crucible Gear, Crucible Marks along with rep in 6v6 matches.

Make sure you keep an eye out for those increased Heavy Ammo drops as well as the increased vehicle spawn rates. From Sept. 23 to Oct. 3, The Queen's Wrath Bounties will be in effect. These new bounties will provide Legendary and Rare gear rewards as well as new mission modes. Coming at the end of the month will be Dead Orbit's salvage event. In October, a new Iron Banner event will start in the Tower to help kickoff the month.

Stay tuned as we'll provide up-to-date coverage on Destiny's upcoming events.