Watch as Destiny's new six-man Raid gets cleared by a single player.

A YouTube post by The Legend Himself shows the amazing story of how Guardian sc Slayerage was able to solo Crota's End, Destiny's newest Raid, which is meant to be done with six players. Decked out in a mix of Legendaries and Exotics, Slayerage has a level of 31 based on his accumulated light. With the Bladedancer's ability to cloak, Slayerage just kept running throughout the Raid and occasionally turning around to lay them to waste to his pursuers with his Fatebringer hand cannon.

It's crazy how he was able to traverse the entire Raid with a combination of stealth and fleeing. Even when it came to the bosses, Slayerage was able to snipe them from far away. Things got a little crazy once he had to use the sword relic and things changed to a third-person perspective, but he still came out fine.

Slayerage used the Bladedancer's Triple Jump to stay above most of the bosses and got through scripted fights by being above the action. Even the Hallowed Ogre mini-boss didn't get a hit on Slayerage due to his perfect use of the environment to his advantage.

The highlight of the video comes in around the 27 minute mark when Slayerage was finally able to take on Crota himself. Again, Slayerage showed off his mastery of Destiny as he wrecked The Dark Below's big baddie by himself.