The producers of Despicable Me are bringing their adorable Minions over to smartphone gaming in EA's Minions Paradise. 

EA has announced that it's partnering up with the filmmaking team at Illumination Entertainment to produce a line of smartphone games based on the Minion characters from Despicable Me and its spinoff projects. The first game of this collaborative venture is Minions Paradise, which will launch on smartphone formats this summer, where you will have to build your own tropical utopia and amusement park for the legion of Minions out there by taking control of a new yellow character, Phil. Phil must lead his shipwrecked friends into building paradise for themselves, which includes waterslides, electric eel tanks, firefly trees and lots of bananas.

"Illumination Entertainment creates entertaining and unexpected characters in its blockbuster films, such as the Minions, who are a global phenomenon. EA is excited to partner with Illumination and Universal Partnerships & Licensing to bring these delightful characters to life for millions of fans on mobile devices," said Frank Gibeau, Executive Vice President, EA Mobile. "This incredible partnership will help us bring players an unforgettable way to build the ultimate playground for their Minions, with an engaging story and deep and varied gameplay."

"We strive to find unique ways to work with our partners and are excited that our filmmaking team is creating game content side by side with EA and Universal," said Chris Meledandri, Founder and CEO, Illumination Entertainment. "We want to bring the same level of care and creativity to these games that we bring to our films. For the first time ever, we are introducing a brand new Minion character in a game. Minions Paradise is a great way to start our new partnership with EA, and we look forward to sharing the game with fans all over the world this summer."

Minions Paradise will be free-to-download when it launches this summer for the iOS and Android formats and will likely include some type of freemium content.