The Limited Edition of Dead Space 3 packs plenty of presents for fans to tear into, all of which look pretty stylin' considering it's a survival horror that takes place in outer space.

Gamers who go for the Limited Edition will get their hands on some helpful tools to battle the necromorphs that just don't seem to quit. The first pair of bonuses are the Witness Suit and the Evangelizer gun. The Witness Suit is insulated and resembles fur-lined winter-wear while the Evangelizer is a shotgun/assault rifle combo.

The second pair of bonuses are the First Contact Suit, a seemingly gold-plated suit of armor, and the Negotiator, a gun that fires lines of electricity at enemies. The game will be out on February 5th, 2013, so act quickly if you want to rock necromorph face while using this equipment. Watch all of these bonuses in action in the trailer below.