Dead or Alive 5 Plus is coming to a PlayStation Vita near you! Not only will you get to play this full-fledged fighter on the go, but you'll also be able to beat up your PlayStation 3 friends via the cross-platform play feature.

Some more details about the cross-platform fighting has been released today, courtesy of the folks at Team Ninja. They go over all of the nitty-gritty concerning cross-platform matches, downloadable content, and game saves.

Players will always be able to tell what platform their opponents are using thanks to hardware icons that will appear next to their names. Team Ninja also promises that the game will run at 60 frames-per-second and that players will experience no lag, regardless of their device. For those of you worried about having your character available on another platform, rest assured that once a character's been unlocked, they'll show up on both the PS Vita and the PS3.

If you purchase DLC for the game, it will appear on both the PS Vita and the PS3. And any previous DLC that had been purchased for the PS3, such as costumes, will be available for the PS Vita as well.

Game saves will also be available across both devices, so saving on the PS Vita means that you can upload your progress to the PS3. All of the cross-platform support is very convenient and should let players expand their fighting game horizons once the game drops on March 22nd, 2013.

Check out the screenshots and imagine them coming to life on your PS Vita. Let us know in the comments below if you'll be knuckling up and taking Dead or Alive 5 Plus for a spin around the block!