The co-creator of Unreal and Gears of War has founded a new development studio which intends to specialize in making downloadable titles.

Cliff Bleszinski is opening a studio with Guerrilla Games (known for its Killzone series) co-founder Arjan Brussee, Polygon reports. According to his new business filing in Raleigh, NC, Bleszinski will be the CEO of Boss Key Productions, with Brussee acting as its COO and its only other mentioned staff member. Brussee worked with Bleszinski before founding Guerrilla Games as a production director and helped co-develop the Jazz Jackrabbitt series. In what could be done for the sake of patriotism, Boss Key Productions' official website launched on July 4.

In an interesting note, Brussee's LinkedIn profile states he is working as an executive producer at Visceral Games for the development of Battlefield Hardline. A recent patent filing by Bleszinski states Boss Key Productions will produce "downloadable multi-player interactive computer game programs; computer and video game software; downloadable computer and video game software; downloadable electronic games via the Internet and wireless devices; downloadable computer application software in the field of games; interactive computer and video game programs." This is a testament to Bleszinski's statements this past February when he said he was finished making disc-based games and that PC titles were the future. Boss Key's official Twitter has a cover image teasing something called "Project Bluestreak."

Boss Key Productions