Just when you thought that plot of Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong and other Nintendo franchises were already weird enough, Max Landis posted a 400+ page long script of a Mario story where Kirby is the big evil.

Remember that movie about those kids with a camcorder who found an alien artifact in the woods that gave them all super powers, the one kid goes emo/evil and the other ones fight him because -- teenagers? That movie was 'Chronicle.' Despite how ridiculous its premise sounds, it was surprisingly an alright movie. Max Landis, the screenwriter who wrote 'Chronicle's story and script, has posted a 436 page-long script he wrote based on our favorite, koopa-stomping plumber.

Landis' 'Super Mario World' script is filled with all of sorts of cliches, WTF moments, obscure Nintendo characters (Funky Kong?), and bad dialogue, but it's excused -- he wrote it when he was a teenager.

Max Landis posted the script for all to see. Here is an excerpt after a moment where Daisy dumped Luigi in the story:


He’s clearly been crying, his eyes red and puffy. He’s
dressed in a dark gray jacket with black pants, a light gray shirt and a maroon tie (the color scheme of the original NINTENDO system). He holds a black brief case. A little old lady walks into the elevator and stands next to him, looking uncomfortable. He lets out a sob, loudly snorts up his mucus, and turns to the old lady.
"She says we need a 'break.'"
The old lady stares at him for a moment, then screams and hits him in the ribs with a tazer.

The ending? Daisy and Luigi reconcile and the evil Kirby (after being previously vanquished in the story's climax) shows up and swallows them both in a horror movie-esque ending.

In unrelated news, Fox didn't approve of Landis' script for 'Chronicle 2,' so he was taken off of the project.