In a strange cross-promotional twist, Capcom has announced it's teaming up with Six Flags Magic Mountain to bring a Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate roller coaster to the theme park.

Capcom has announced that Six Flags' Magic Mountain's Goliath roller coaster will be going to receive an upgrade based on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, with special emphasis on the creature, Gore Magala. To kick off this new cross-promotion, Six Flags will be launching a Monster Hunter Caravan Tour, which will make special appearances around the Magic Mountain park during March 28 and 29. After thrillseekers finish up with the Monster Hunter ride, they'll have the chance to demo the game and buy as much Monster Hunter gear as they can carry.

Capcom tried to tie together the cross-promotion by emphasizing the new monster riding mechanics of MH4U, but this is still kind of an odd stretch. Lately, Capcom's been a bit more business-minded than gaming-minded, so a weird event like this comes as no surprise. If this Monster Hunter X Six Flags crossover is successful, we might expect to see more bizarre theme park/video game mash-ups in the future. Maybe there'll be a Resident Evil ride where you shoot zombies, or a Street Fighter event that has you beating up cars. Oh wait, people have already tried that.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is currently available for the Nintendo 3DS. The MH4U reskin of Six Flags Magic Mountain's Goliath roller coaster will be available from March 28 through August 10 at its Valencia, CA location.

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