Time to break out those weird Umbrella uniforms you keep seeing at conventions but don't recognize from the games or movies, because Japan is opening a real-life Resident Evil simulator.

Kotaku reports that Capcom and Base Camp Kawaba have opened up a Resident Evil survival game for people to play in real-life. Located in the Gunma Prefecture of Japan, this Resident Evil game lets players gear up and use airsoft guns, which sound like they could really hurt. Then again, all of the zombies we see in the pictures are just posters against the walls, so who knows if you're actually shooting these BBs at actual people or just the walls, because it'd be pretty lame if you're just shooting BBs at pictures of zombies against a wall. You can even rent Chris Redfield's BSAA uniform from Resident Evil 5 and can also rent Samurai Edge airsoft pistols to make your experience as authentic as you can.

Players can partake in capture the flag and "Heroes vs. Zombies" matches. Dead players can come back as zombies. There are also escort missions where you must protect Umbrella employees in lab coats. We were kind of hoping there would be hordes of paid Japanese actors and actresses dressed up as zombies, waiting to be hit by paintballs, but we'll forgive them.

This Resident Evil Survival Game will run until Oct. 30. It looks like they're not even waiting for Halloween.

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