Friends! Romans! Kingdom Hearts fans! Lend me your ears! Prepare to throw your wallets at an online store, because this new Kingdom Hearts collector's edition may be too good to pass up.

The Square Enix online store has posted an exclusive collector's edition for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix, and fans of the series need go no further when trying to get as much Kingdom Hearts content as they can in one place. The package includes:

-Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix game disc

-Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix game disc

-Collector's Steelbook-style case

-9.4-inch plush Shadow Heartless doll

-Exclusive Disney collectible Kingdom Hearts pin (if you're ever seen the Pin Trading kiosks in Disney World, you know why this matters)

-30-page art book with dust jacket.

For those keeping score that's four full Kingdom Hearts games, the cutscenes from two others edited together into one "movie," a plush Heartless, a rare Disney pin, and a 30-page artbook for the coffee table all for $99.99. That's a hell of a deal, and all you're missing after this is the 3DS exclusive Dream Drop Distance and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III.

If you're a fan wanting to collect everything Kingdom Hearts or if you want to see what this Disney/Final Fantasy mash-up nonsense is all about, this is everything you'll need to get started. Just in time for the holidays, too!