We have seen a lot of classic Disney properties made into Kingdom Hearts worlds. But now that Kingdom Hearts III has been confirmed, it’s time for Disney to start thinking about introducing new worlds into their Kingdom Hearts universe. Here are 10 Disney properties that we think should be made into worlds for Kingdom Hearts III, whether for their interesting plots, nostalgia factor, or potential for unique gameplay.

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    Mary Poppins

    Most of the entries on this list are based on how awesome it would be to visit the world in question. Mary Poppins is the exception. Frankly, a world should be made around Mary Poppins just for nostalgia purposes. It’s one of the oldest Disney movies that people remember and it would be great to see something done with the property. That being said, the universe also has a whole bunch of magic and mystery in it to exploit. Mary’s infinite bag of holding could be one hell of a weapon.

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    Robin Hood

    Now we get to the real badassery and it only gets better from here. The Disney version of Robin Hood was an amazing children’s movie, but it still had everything that made Robin Hood awesome. It had sword fights and bows and arrows and huge battles that are just perfect for encounters in a Kingdom Hearts game. it also gives us another excuse to give Sora an anthropomorphic animal form.

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    Toy Story

    Frankly, we're surprised that Toy Story hasn’t been made into a Kingdom Hearts world yet. At the end of Toy Story 3 it looked like Woody and Buzz were going to be burned alive. If you weren’t at the edge of your seat ready to cry at that moment, then you have no soul! Regardless of Toy Story’s childish atmosphere, the series is filled with action, adventure, and even political intrigue. Heck, people have compared Toy Story 3 to The Walking Dead. It also gives us an excuse to give Sora a creepy living doll form… yeah…

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    The Sword in the Stone

    If a Disney property has swords in it, then it’s probably a good candidate for a Kingdom Hearts universe. Luckily, The Sword in the Stone fits the bill. Aside from the fact that the Sword in the Stone basically retells the story of King Arthur (and how could that be bad), the universe also has a ton of magic to take advantage of. Seeing Sora in a wizard’s dual would be cool. Equally cool would be watching him slay his way around Camelot. Arthur or Merlin themselves would also make amazing temporary party members.

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    Darkwing Duck

    When there’s trouble you can call DW! While our previous four entries would just be kind of cool in a Kingdom Hearts game, our next six entries are awesome nostalgia bombs that would cause any Disney fan’s mind to explode. So why not Darkwing Duck, Disney’s answer to Batman? Sora could help the terror that flaps in the night rid St. Canard of all crime. Heck, if we went into the comics extended universe, Sora could help Darkwing defeat Duckthulu! The world would be extra cool if GizmoDuck made an appearance.

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    Gargoyles was incredibly dark. People died in this series all the time, or worse! Horrible magic spells cursed people for eternities. Powerful men manipulated ancient magics to bring about near ruin to an entire time period. Lovers stabbed each other in the back for self-gain. It was like Game of Thrones but in cartoon form. This would also give us an excuse to give Sora a Gargoyle form, which would give us a whole bunch of cool flying and stealth sections.

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    Wreck-It Ralph

    Wreck-It Ralph needs to be included as a Kingdom Hearts world just because of how meta the game would be. A video game about a Disney property about video games? Sick! Of course, it would be a licensing nightmare, but seeing Sora interact with gaming greats like Q-Bert and Zangief would be outstanding. It would also be a great chance for Square to fool around with other game formats, like they did in Kingdom Hearts 3D. Perhaps a racing game for Vanellope’s world? Maybe a classic 2D arcade game for Wreck-It Ralph’s game? Heck, we might even be able to play a Kingdom Hearts first-person shooter!

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    Marvel Comics

    One of the great things about Disney being a world conquering super power that will eventually control all media, is the variety of properties they have under their umbrella. Now that they own Marvel Comics, it’s about time that we saw Sora enter the Marvel Comics universe. He could fight alongside the X-Men or the Avengers. He could swing on skyscrapers with Spider-Man and his magic abilities could give Dr. Strange a run for his money. If anyone knows power creep and retconning, its Kingdom Hearts and comic books. Here, we’ll even get you started. Dr. Doom has discovered some of Xehanort’s old heartless tech and is using it to fuel a whole new army of darkness powered Doom-bots. Make it happen, Disney!

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    Star Wars

    Speaking of properties that Disney owns tangentially that would make a great Kingdom Hearts world, why not Star Warsl? How obvious could you get! Luke Skywalker is about as bright eyed and adventurous as Sora is. Heck, Mark Hamill already voice acted for a Kingdom Hearts game. Even if we had to deal with Episodes 1-3, it wouldn’t be that bad. (We would finally have a chance to bludgeon Jar Jar to death.) Besides, the plot would be too good to pass up. Both Kingdom Hearts and Star Wars are all about Darkness, Light, and Balance. It’s a perfect fit!

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    Who Framed Roger Rabbit

    Finally, the number one world we want to see in Kingdom Hearts is none other than Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Heck, fans have been asking for this world to be made ever since Kingdom Hearts 1. Granted, it would be a heck of a licensing nightmare, even worse than Wreck-It Ralph. However, Who Frame Roger Rabbit was one of the original crossover movies. Arguably, Kingdom Hearts wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for this story. Sora could be deputized to solve a murder in Toon Town. Christopher Lloyd could come back as Judge Doom. There could be an epic boss fight in the final factory while Dip is sprayed everywhere! It’s dark and screwy and totally messed up, and it needs to be in the next Kingdom Hearts game.