Seven years ago, the world was forever changed by one brilliant movie. That movie was not 'Bloodrayne.' No, 'Bloodrayne' was something more. It may not have won any awards or acclaim, but 'Bloodrayne' was destined for greatness of a different sort. As the product of one of the most infamous directors of our generation, 'Bloodrayne' set a new standard for the absolute bare minimum we could expect from a video game film adaptation. Now we're taking a look back to see just how the cast has rebounded after appearing in this testament to leather, swords and bad acting.

Kristanna Loken, Bloodrayne

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Then: After her turn in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines as the T-X, and subsequent Maxim magazine spreads, Loken landing the leading lady role slicing and dicing up medieval times as Bloodrayne.

Now: Fortunately, the stigma of being in a Boll production hasn't put an end to her career. Loken's landed regular roles on shows like 'The L Word' and 'Burn Notice,' and has a few films in the works.

Michael Madsen, Vladimir

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Then: Madsen was still a fairly recognizable draw in the mid-2000s, with roles in 'Kill Bill' and 'Tilt' under his belt. Then came his role as Vladimir in 'Bloodrayne,' and Madsen's feature film opportunities slowed as he found himself getting more and more B-movie opportunities. None of which he turned down.

Now: A quick perusal of Madsen's IMDB page reveals he's been incredibly busy making movies you'd be more apt to find in the Walmart dollar DVD bin than your local cinema. Only Nic Cage has been in more movies nobody has seen in the last seven years.

Matthew Davis, Sebastian

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Then: As Sebastian, Davis palled around with Vladimir and Katarin hunting vampires. He dies trying to save Bloodrayne from the clutches of Kagan. That's what you get for not believing Elle Woods could get into law school, douchebag

Now: Davis is either a really big fan of vampires, or just can't shake the vampire vibe. Though he's appeared on more than a handful of shows, his longest and most current stint is as Alaric on 'The Vampire Diaries.'

Udo Kier, Regal Monk

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Then: Udo fulfilled his requisite appearance as "That Guy That's in Everything and Always Creeps You Out." He also guards some kind of mystical artifact, which is very important because reasons.

Now: Kier will next appear in Lars Von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac' films, finally giving everyone the nightmare vision they've always wanted: Udo Kier having sex.

Meat Loaf, Leonid

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Then: Meat Loaf played and overweight Ludwig Von Beethoven, but he took some strange liberties with the role. Instead of being deaf, he was really into vampire orgies, and instead of being named Ludwig Von Beethoven, his name was Leonid.

Now: Best known for his operatic rock, Meat Loaf does occasionally still pick up the odd acting role. He's been on 'Glee' and 'Fairly Legal,' and will star alongside Minnie Driver in 'Stage Fright.'

Billy Zane, Elrich

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Then: There was clearly a sale at the bad wig factory, which the production team managed to take advantage of, and which Billy Zane bore the full brunt of for this role. Despite being only 12 years older than Michelle Rodriguez, Zane played her ambitious father Elrich in 'Bloodrayne.'

Now: Like Michael Madsen, Zane has transitioned from big screen features to direct-to-video dominance. You can find him in a whole slew of movies you'd only watch in a dare at a sleepover after about a dozen shots, such as 'Ghost of Goodnight Lane' and 'The Ganzfeld Haunting.'

Michelle Rodriguez, Katarin

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Then: As part of Vladimir's and Sebastian's vampire-hunting squad, Rodriguez's Katarin drew the wrath of Bloodrayne when her character betrayed the vampire for her father. For punishment, Bloodrayne sucked out all her blood.

Now: Rodriguez is as busy as ever, with continued roles as a woman with a bad attitude in the likes of the 'The Fast and the Furious' franchise and 'Machete Kills.'

Ben Kingsley, Kagan

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Then: Sir Ben Kingsley chewed necks and scenery as the biggest, baddest vampire in medieval times. He never once played down to the material.

Now: You might recall Kingsley's turn as the Mandarin in 'Iron Man 3,' or as Mazer in 'Ender's Game.' Soon, he'll be taking on the role of King Herod in the film adaptation of the life Jesus' parents Mary and Joseph, 'Mary.'