In 2006, TriStar finally wizened up and developed a film based on Konami's horror classic Silent Hill. Written by former inmate and 'Pulp Fiction' co-screenwriter Roger Avary, 'Silent Hill' was actually not a bad adaptation of a video game. Shot in Centralia, PA, where an underground mine fire has been burning since 1962, 'Silent Hill' may have spent a little too much time pontificating the arcane, but it sure did look pretty. We're looking back to see how the cast has been doing since surviving the terrors in the town of Silent Hill.

Radha Mitchell, Rose Da Silva


Then: Radha appeared in more than a handful of films and TV series before starring as Rose Da Silva in 'Silent Hill.' Though she only really got to show her range of concerned and fearful faces, she did a decent enough job being convincingly creeped out by the nurses.

Now: She was the lead in the short-lived 'Red Widow,' and returned from the alternate dimension to reprise her role as Rose in 'Silent Hill: Revelation.' Next she'll be in the sequel to 'Olympus Has Fallen,' 'London Has Fallen.'

Sean Bean, Christopher Da Silva


Then: As a requisite of his contract, Sean Bean has to die in every movie he has a role in. However, Bean's Christopher Da Silva doesn't die in 'Silent Hill.' It's a shame, too, because the only reason we ever see new Sean Bean movies is to find out how creatively he'll be killed off.

Now: Bean got his head lopped off on HBO's 'Game of Thrones,' and returned for 'Silent Hill: Revelations.' He'll co-star alongside Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis in the Wachowski's 'Jupiter Ascending,' where we can only hope he'll die a death worthy of the Bean lineage.

Laurie Holden, Cybil Bennett


Then: Holden put on her dress blues and worked the badge in the shady town of Silent Hill. She meets an incredibly uncool death when the people burn her alive. Nothing like signing up for a monster movie and not getting killed by the monsters.

Now: You might remember Holden for her recent role as Andrea, the life-sucking succubus that helped ruin whatever dignity AMC's 'The Walking Dead' had left after season two. She's dead now though (Andrea, not the actress), so at least she doesn't have to worry about being on that terribly boring show anymore.

Deborah Kara Unger, Dahlia Gillespie


Then: Unger played one of the town crazies, and mother to Alessa. After grieving over her daughter's death for years, she goes full native, and betrays Rose in order to bring some kind of peace to Alessa. As you can imagine, that goes incredibly well.

Now: Like most of the other major players, Unger reprised her role in 'Silent Hill: Revelation.' You've probably heard her as one of many voices in BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic, but you never knew it. Now you do.

Kim Coates, Thomas Gucci


Then: As officer Gucci, Coates guided Sean Bean around the non-crazy pants version of Silent Hill to help him find his missing wife and daughter. He did a good enough job since Bean's heart is still beating by the time the credits roll.

Now: Coates' has had a recurring role on 'Sons of Anarchy,' where his creepy facial hair continues to make him look like the worst kind of criminal. Seriously, look at that guy. Would you get into a van he was driving?

Tanya Allen, Anna


Then: Allen showed up lead Rose and Cybill to a church shelter during one of Silent Hill's dark hours. She immediately gets ripped in twain by Pyramid Head Red Pyramid.

Now: Though she continues to act, Allen hasn't been in much in the past few years. Most recently, she appeared in 'Dose of Reality.'

Alice Krige, Christabella


Then: When the Borg Queen shows up to be in your movie, you know she's going to be the ultimate crazy person. Krige filled that role wonderfully in 'Silent Hill,' leading the looney tunes cult in the town, and ultimately meeting her demise at the hands of barbed wire tendrils summoned from hell.

Now: She had a nice run on the extremely underrated 'MI-5,' but you might recognize her from 'Thor: Dark World.' She played the doctor who examined Jane Foster.

Jodelle Ferland, Sharon/Alessa


Then: Playing the role of a young girl whose soul has been split was undoubtedly a massive undertaking, but Ferland did a decent enough job bringing the darkness to life as Alessa.

Now: Ferland has been building a solid resume. Most of the highlights happen to still be in the horror genre, as she's voiced Aggie in 'ParaNorman' and played Patience Buckner in 'Cabin in the Woods.'

Roberto Campanella, Red Pyramid


Then: One of the biggest, most terrifying monsters in the video game series, Pyramid Head Red Pyramid was sure to make an appearance in the film (even if they changed its name for some reason). While it would have been great to see him really slice and dice a bunch of people up, his few moments in 'Silent Hill' are some of the most memorable for fans.

Now: Campanella reprised his role in 'Silent Hill: Revelation,' but doesn't spend very much time in front of the camera. Instead, Campanella has made a career as a choreographer for films like 'Save the Last Dance 2' and FX's upcoming 'The Strain.'