When we took a look at Block Fortress a couple of days ago, we were surprised and impressed with what we saw. This game looks like it's trying to shoot the moon with all of the influences that it's combining. But will it be able to successfully replicate the success of the biggest influence that's its trying to, uh, mine from?

Everyone knows that Minecraft has been wildly successful. And there's been no shortage of games that have tried to build off that success, such as The Blockheads, which went for combining the Minecraft appeal with an approach that was similar to The Sims. But no title has really hit it out of the park yet.

The closest thing we've seen to Block Fortress would probably have to be something like Ace of Spades over on Steam. But that title never really found its footing and certainly didn't get much cross pollination from Minecraft fanatics. They're all too busy building Westeros from scratch.

How will Block Fortress fare? A lot will depend on how effectively they'll be able to combine the first-person shooter and tower defense genres into a style of gameplay that makes sense. We think a lot of people will resent the Minecraft-skinning of the game if it seems like it was just plastered over a hasty idea. If it's good however, we could have a winner on our hands.

We'll have to wait until March 7th to find out.