Block Fortress, an iOS title that comes out March 7th, 2013, is blending genres like nobody's business. The upcoming mobile game promises a mixture of Minecraft, tower defense strategy, and first-person shooting.

The title, which offers gamers the chance to build their structure with over 30 different building blocks, may appeal to Minecraft die-hards, but the chance to see your fortress stand tall against various invaders gives Block Fortress an extra dimension.

For players who hate standing idle during a tower defense sequence, the ability to survey the grounds while blasting your enemies turns the title into a completely different creature. Developers Foursaken Media, the brain trust behind the first rate tower defense title Heroes & Castles, claim a ton of weapons and upgrades exist in Block Fortress, and that these additions will be needed to combat "the relentless attacks of the Goblocks!"

The game has three different modes, and under the Quick Play feature, gamers start off with enough money to build a near-indestructible structure. A primary goal of quick play is to see how long the fortress will last against the enemies before it turns to rubble.

If you're wondering how building blocks and a tower defense can transform into a bullet-ridden shoot 'em up, check out the video below.