Today developer Foursaken Media announced they would be releasing another game they've been working on that's a far cry from the post apocalyptic settings of their previous zombie games. Heroes & Castles promises just what you'd think from the title -- lots of medieval sword slashing action.

From the media they've released, Heroes & Castles looks to be a 3rd-person slash-fest that's set in a fantasy world (there's definitely some giants in that screenshot above). According to the developers, they are aiming to blend several different game genres together with this release, with the goal of combining strategy, action slashing, RPG, and tower defense elements into the game play. Yipes.

That's an ambitious goal. But we say go for it! From what we've seen so far, it looks like it will be at least interesting. And hopefully we'll like it more than we did their last zombie game.

Right now, the game is scheduled for a December release. Hopefully everything will stay on target and we can see if the actual end product can live up what we see here. There's definitely a lot of potential.

In the meantime, check out some screenshots from the Foursaken Media Facebook page and then we have the trailer for the game below as well:

Heroes and Castles 4