Block Fortress

Block Fortress Review
Everything is a remix. Familiar traits and tropes are recycled and rearranged to create something new that, in turn, combines with other ideas to create something else entirely different. Embracing the remix to harness the creativity of gamers is exactly what Block Fortress aims to do. Combining the…
Block Fortress
When we took a look at Block Fortress a couple of days ago, we were surprised and impressed with what we saw. This game looks like it's trying to shoot the moon with all of the influences that it's combining. But will it be able to successfully replicate the success of the biggest influenc…
Block Fortress is coming!
Block Fortress, an iOS title that comes out March 7th, 2013, is blending genres like nobody's business. The upcoming mobile game promises a mixture of Minecraft, tower defense strategy, and first-person shooting.