Dedicated Game of Thrones and Minecraft fans over at WesterosCraft have finished a highly detailed replica of King's Landing.

Minecraft has allowed would-be architects and engineers to create amazing structures and worlds all without fear of running out of resources. While there are countless amazing recreations out there, the latest completed project from WesterosCraft may take the cake ... that is, until they finish their master plan.

The group posted images of the finished 1:100 scale King's Landing from Game of Thrones on Reddit so we could all gape in wild wonder at the stunning amount of brilliance on display. According to the poster, the finished product was the result of four months of work, with more than 100 different builders helping complete the 3000 unique buildings. Oh, and all the buildings have fully-decorated interiors.

King's Landing is just one part of the group's massive undertaking to recreate all of Westeros in Minecraft. The incomplete map currently stands at 35GB in size, with locales like the Eyrie, Dragonstone, and Harrenhal all painstakingly recreated down to the tiniest of details. WesterosCraft plans to make the map available once it's 100 percent complete. As of now, the map is close to 70 percent finished.

You can check out some images of King's Landing below, and more videos and screens over at WesterosCraft's website.