Just as May 5 has become Star Wars Day, BioWare has decided to make Nov. 7 its official celebration of the 7th anniversary of Mass Effect (N7, get it?).

According to a recent Tweet on Mass Effect's official page, BioWare will be starting a N7 Day developer roundtable discussion at 10AM PST on Nov. 7. To celebrate the seven year anniversary of the first Mass Effect's release (the first game of the series actually launched on Nov. 20, 2007), BioWare will assemble some of its most noteworthy team members to talk and nerd out about Krogans, Mordin's singing, how much Kaiden [You spelled Ashley wrong. - Ed.] sucks and all sorts of other awesome topics in regards to Mass Effect. Hopefully, we get to hear some new information pertaining to the fourth entry of the series, which BioWare has remained rather tight-lipped about.

So make sure you check out this BioWare roundtable when it starts on the studio's official Twitch account tomorrow morning at 10AM PST.

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