'Harry and the Hendersons' and Pokemon Snap collide in Bigfoot Hunter.

The Tap Lab has just released a teaser trailer for its upcoming iOS camera-based safari, Bigfoot Hunter. Bigfoot Hunter is an aim-and-shoot adventure game in which you must use the gyroscopic controls of your iPhone's camera in order to try and get as many clear and centered pictures of Bigfoot and all of his Sasquatch siblings as you can. Being guided by Will Wright, creator of Sim City, and Jesse Schell, author of The Art of Game Design, The Tap Lab has had some excellent mentors in trying to set up to this safari game.

In Bigfoot Hunter, you and your guide, Ranger Rosie, must search to find proof of the North American Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Ancient Mountain Yeti. As you start finishing the various quests Bigfoot Hunter offers, you can gain special features, such as a photo bomb mode where you can take a picture of yourself with either Bigfoot or a Yeti cropped into the background. The Tap Lab claims Bigfoot Hunter is due out later this year to serve your all of your Yeti-photographing needs.