Trucking has been a surprisingly underrepresented profession in gaming. The concept has got it all. A connection to a quintessential part of American mythology. Economic decision-making and business strategy. And, of course, you get to drive a big, loud piece of industrial equipment. I’m a Midwestern boy and the son of a trucker, so I’ve always found myself drawn to those games centered on trucking. We spent so many years wondering about the Citizen Kane of gaming, but I want to play our Smokey and the bandit.

The recent (and bewildering) success of Steam titles like American Truck Simulator have shined a light on the pleasures of digital trucking, but over the years there have actually been quite a few games about hauling cargo on the open road. This list highlights 10 of the most notable. While I’d like to say that these are all forgotten classics, the reality is that some of these games rank among the worst ever created. Most are at best goofy historical curiosities. There are still some excellent times to be had on the digital highways, however. So tear up the swindle sheets, turn on some C.W. McCall, and get ready to put the hammer down. We’re going truckin’.

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