Since the dawn of video games there have been caveman games. Most of the time these types of games are cartoony platformers with light-hearted joke-filled stories. These games took inspiration from shows like Captain Caveman and The Flintstones so naturally the humor is mostly puns and dated jokes of the ‘90s. When caveman games don’t go for a comedic and cartoony style they typically entail some type of survival or an attempt at immersion in that time period. Whatever the case may be, there are enough games that take place in the Paleolithic era (or a close approximation) that caveman games could be a genre unto itself.

Speaking of which, ever since The Flintstones we’ve been pairing cavemen with dinosaurs even though the two couldn’t be further apart on the timeline. Regardless, the two are inseparable now despite the historical inaccuracy and that’s part of makes cavemen so fun as a concept. Whether it’s the desire to revisit a simpler time so to speak, or to test your ability to survive in a very harsh environment, caveman games have held our interest for years. Whether it’s jumping on dinosaur heads in Joe and Mac or fist-fighting strange prehistoric creatures in Zeno Clash 2 there’s no doubt that these games are something special. These are the Best Caveman Games.

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