Eric Calderone, better known by his YouTube stage name “ERock,” is far and away one of the best guitarists on the web. Inspired by the likes of Paul Gilbert, Jason Becker and Yngwie Malmsteen, ERock is known for his metal versions of songs that span many genres, from smash pop hits such as Ke$ha’s ‘Tik Tok’, to the main theme from ‘Requiem for a Dream’ (you know the one, you’ll never forget it), although his raddest covers have got to be his video game ones. That’s right, before he was here tearing up some of gaming’s most memorable tunes here on Arcade Sushi (New “Meets Metal” episodes air every Tuesday. - Ed.), ERock was slaying fan favorites on his own channel. Now you can catch up with our handy collection of the Best Video Game Meets Metal Covers.

  • Tetris Meets Metal

    This theme is definitely one of my all-time personal favorite tunes from any video game (as I’m sure it is for everyone), and something that’s always felt like it would work best as a metal cover. That notion is proven by just how freaking rad this rendition of it turned out. This cover features Tetris Themes A, B and C, as well as some solos that fit right in with the overall feel of the cover. While this is a cover, he never strays too far from the original piece, which is nice since the original is so fun and simple. Check it out below.

  • Super Mario Bros Meets Metal

    This is a given; let’s not mess around here. All of the music from the original Super Mario Bros. is past the point of iconic, from the overworld theme to the underwater theme, the first time you heard them, you haven’t forgotten them since. In this video, our man ERock takes on all of the OG Mario jams, and includes a few of his own incredible solos along the way. Give it a whirl, and feel free to hum along.

  • Pokemon Meets Metal

    You know it, you love it, well, maybe you don’t particularly “love” it, but hey, to each his own. Regardless, ERock did a shredding version of it and it’s not to be missed. The solo in this cover is fantastic, bringing to mind some classic Malmsteen for sure. This video is an older cover, and it’s interesting to see that ERock started off great and just got even better. Don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself.

  • Doom Meets Metal

    Doom’s score is already as heavy as the old piece of junk computers you used to haul to and from your friend’s house to play it on, and this take on it is even more so, something I didn’t think was possible. Not only does this video include a medley of Doom’s best tracks, but a tribute to the late, great Jeff Hanneman, legendary guitarist for Slayer, which fits right in with the Doom stuff. Give it a listen, and in the words of Quiet Riot, “Bang your head!” Yes, I know they weren’t the first people to say that, but feel free to remind me eternally in the comments.

  • Sonic Meets Metal

    Now this is a damn good medley. Sonic music is known for its extremely memorable melodies, and the tracks that ERock incorporated into this video are no exception. Dude shreds about as fast as Sonic runs in this one. There are some segments in which he weaves a his own solos into the cover, allowing the transition from track to track be more seamless. You might not even recognize the difference between his original solos and the Sonic tunes, which is the sign of a great guitarist at work.

  • Zelda Meets Metal

    Everybody loves Zelda music. There are no exceptions. This cover is an oldie, but a goodie, in which ERock plays some of the best songs from The Legend of Zelda, showcasing his wicked soloing skills along the way. I’ve seen a handful of really good metal renditions of Zelda themes all over YouTube, none of which had Iron Maiden riffs subtly peppered in as transitions, but ERock felt it best to include a Maiden riff in his version. Have a listen and see if you can point it out.

  • Halo Meets Metal

    Only after hearing this cover does one realize the influence Steve Vai has on ERock as a guitarist. Steve Vai, who of course is a guitar solo phenom, did the original guitar work for the Mjolnir Remix of the Halo theme, which is covered in the rad Halo medley brought to us by ERock. Also shown in this video is ERock’s interesting sense of humor, as seen towards the end of the medley when he takes out his lighter and waves it around during the slower parts. Charming to say the least. Cool cover, bro (because the stigma that “bros” play Halo, get it?).

  • Castlevania Meets Metal

    Castlevania music is top, everyone who has played the game knows that. It fits in the game so perfectly, and ERock’s spin on some of the game’s best tracks would fit in just as well. The only thing this medley is missing is my favorite Castlevania song, which I would complain about, but this is the internet, the place where you don’t get everything you want even though you feel like you deserve it for (when you clearly don’t). Then again, this is the internet, so I totally could complain about it, everyone else seems to do so with no hesitation. Anyways, check this cover out, it’s wicked. Especially the part with the solo.

  • Megaman Meets Metal

    My obligation to put ERock’s Megaman medley on this list was about the same as his obligation to make the cover in the first place. ERock decided to include some deeper cuts from the Megaman franchise into this his rendition, but does not disappoint by any means. Lots of original solos scattered throughout this piece, with an even balance between them and the tracks from the game. Listen to it right now, or Dr. Wily will get mad or something probably maybe, I don’t know, just do it please.

  • Skyrim Meets Metal

    Last, but certainly not least, is ERock’s Skyrim Meets Metal medley. The Elder Scrolls series has always had some awesome orchestrated arrangements, and adding ERock’s layer of shredding makes for a crazy good cover. With a flurry of his signature solos, and a buttload (can I say that? Saying it regardless) of heavy riffs, this is a cover that you Fus Ro Don’t want to miss [Really? - Ed.]. Check it out before it’s gone! It’s not really going anywhere, that’s just a thing to say at the end of a thing so you know it’s the end. This is the end. Like, comment, subscribe. Goodbye.

  • Bonus Meets Metal Playlist

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