Ever wondered what the Chex-themed first-person shooter was like? What about the best Mario bootlegs or who the best dogs are in video games? Well wonder no longer because SpaceHamster is here to answer all of those questions and more. These are the ten best SpaceHamster videos, and unlike his top ten lists there’s no clear winner here, they’re all good.

  • Impossible Creatures

    A real-time strategy game in which you battle animal hybrids against each other sounds like a winning combination, but Impossible Creatures is far from that. SpaceHamster himself may not be good at combinations either, but even his “spork” is better than this game. Lobster elephants are still a hilarious concept though. Even with all that, this video is worth watching for the goofy main character of the game alone.

  • Top 10 Dogs in Video Games

    In real life, dogs are man’s best friend, but in video games they can be literally anything. They can even be man’s best friend! We all have our favorites, but which dogs are the best? SpaceHamster takes an in-depth look at just what makes these dogs so great, and why they’re the best.

  • Mr. Do! The Arcade Classic

    Back when arcades were at their peak, it was common for games to be ported to home consoles. It was also common for these to be worse than their cabinet counterparts. SpaceHamster is right when he says, “You’ve probably never heard of this game.” Mr. Do! is probably not a game you’ll remember seeing in the arcade, but rest assured, it’s a classic--it says so right on the box. This video features some of the best clown-based arcade gameplay, and that’s not a phrase to be thrown around lightly.

  • Chex Quest

    When you think of Chex, the first thing that usually comes to mind isn’t the Doom style first-person shooter that came in Chex cereal boxes. That’s right; at one time, cereal boxes had prizes like hastily-made video games based on the food in the box. Here SpaceHamster dives into the highly cerebral plot of Chex Quest to find out just how it holds up.

  • Top 5 Useless Items in Video Games

    Every video game has its awesome items. Whether they be ultra-powerful weapons, rare armor, or other useful power-ups. Conversely, every game has its duds; Items that sometimes have no reason to even be in the game. You may have come across these before, but SpaceHamster has made a list of the absolute worst offenders. At least now you’ll have a way to keep track of what items to keep far, far away from.

  • Populous and God Games

    God games are usually games in which you have full control over the world where the game takes place. There have been many different kinds of god games from many developers, but in this video SpaceHamster looks at the more prominent ones like Populous and Black and White. This video will not only change your life, but is the most important and innovative gaming video on the internet.

  • Top 10 Swords in Video Games

    Swords are ancient weapons, and in video games they’re some of the best armaments you can obtain. Video game swords range from regal to ridiculous, and in this video SpaceHamster counts down the ten best gaming swords of all time. If you look closely you might spot a certain peanut butter-themed gamer. Blink and you’ll miss him. There’s even an outtake video in the annotations, and who doesn’t love outtakes?

  • Bootleg Mario Games on Sega Genesis

    Normally one would expect Mario game bootlegs to be on a Nintendo console, but some bootleggers go above and beyond and make these games for other consoles. It’s fitting that some bootlegs would end up on the Sega Genesis, one of Nintendo’s prime competitors during its heyday. Are these games any good though? SpaceHamster is here to find out precisely that.

  • Treasure Mountain

    The Learning Company made so many educational games that it would be surprising if anyone reading this hasn’t played at least one. Treasure Mountain was a part of the Treasure Hunters line of games, and like the rest of that series, is one incredibly strange title. If you’ve never played any of the other entries in this bizarre line, you should at least check out SpaceHamster’s video on Treasure Mountain. You might learn something.

  • Stonekeep

    There are a lot of dungeon crawlers out there; games in which you navigate a massive dungeon, typically in the first-person perspective. Titles like Might and Magic, Might and Magic, or even Might and Magic were very influential to the genre. Stonekeep is a lesser-known game in the genre, and the live action intro might be a reason for that. This video is SpaceHamster’s analysis on an otherwise overlooked game.