There are angry video game reviewers, there are silly video game reviewers, and then there’s Brutalmoose. If PC games were a big part of your childhood, then you’ve no doubt come across some of his videos. While Brutalmoose primarily plays and reviews PC games, he’s no stranger to console games. You’d be hard pressed to find videos with the same brand of simultaneous sarcasm and analysis as these. There are no bad Brutalmoose videos to speak of, but these are the Best Brutalmoose videos.

  • Captain Bible

    There’s no shortage of Bible-themed games on older consoles and especially PC, however obscure they may be. This video explores the much anticipated video game debut of the titular Captain Bible. Just think, you could’ve gone your entire life not knowing of Captain Bible’s adventures, as well as his Godly Thighs. Now you know all about them. You have Brutalmoose to thank for that.

  • Oregon Trail 2

    There are few people who haven’t played the original Oregon Trail for PC. Most likely, many of you tried it at least once in a school computer lab. The real question on all of our young minds at the time though was what is the sequel going to be like? What new direction could this monumental game series take us in? Well worry no longer, because Brutalmoose has done the research for us. If you’re weary from your internet travels, this video makes for a good resting place.

  • SimTown

    No, not SimCity, SimTown. This is one of those Maxis games that flew under the radar, like SimCopter (no pun intended) or SimAnt. Is this game worth revisiting all these years later? Well, if you ask Señor and his pet penguin the answer is a resounding, “I’m really gonna OD it this time.” If that isn’t a vote of confidence, I don’t know what is.

  • Facade

    Some art isn’t for everyone; it might go over people’s heads or be misinterpreted. Some art however, isn’t for anyone, and Brutalmoose proves that Facade may be just that. A boring game calling itself “art” and that unique isn’t always good. Whatever your opinion on this game is, it’s very clear that, in Trip’s words, “They’ll be fine, you just have to go.”

  • Prison Tycoon 3

    Owning and running a prison is something that just sounds inherently fun, but just how fun can it be? According to this video, it’s right up there with being a game show host or even running a summer camp. We also learn a very important thing about prisoners--they love nothing more than working out, and small amenities.

  • Top 5 Video Game Haircuts

    A proper hairdo can make or break a character--just look at Cloud or Bald Bull. This video is invaluable because it answers the age old question: “Did Brutalmoose always have that haircut?” More importantly though, we find out just who in the video game world has the best hair in the business. I won’t spoil it for you, but suffice to say that things get pretty hairy in this episode.

  • Socilotron

    Sex-based MMOs might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’ve never tried them how would you know for sure? Lucky for you, Brutalmoose has literally done the dirty work of finding out just how good of a game Sociolotron is. Spoiler: Sociolotron is actually one of the least sexy things you’ve ever seen.

  • Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Lightning Round

    This is quite possibly the greatest two-and-a-half minutes dedicated to this awful game. Every cloud has a silver lining, and this lightning round video is Sonic Boom’s. Less than three minutes is all anyone should really have to stomach of this game, and even Sonic himself starts to wonder just what happened with this game.

  • Top 5 Video Game Sidekicks

    Last but not least, we have the video that every younger sibling will appreciate. Sometimes the sidekick is more interesting or offers something the main character just doesn’t. Other times that sidekick is Greg. In all seriousness though, this list explores the top five characters who were content with never quite being at the top.

  • Kid Pix Studio Deluxe Lightning Round

    Have you ever wanted to faithfully and accurately recreate your favorite photos with childlike accuracy? Well according to Brutalmoose, Kid Pix Studio Deluxe is the best way to achieve this unparalleled quality. Not only will your photos be a jumbled mess of scribbles that only looks like the original if you squint very hard from a mile away, but you can add all of the animal stickers and glitter text you want! If you’ve ever wanted to see Brutalmoose explore the ins and outs of Kid Pix Studio Deluxe, then this video is for you.