Sega is doing what Nintendon't, which is why we're doing a list of the 10 Best Sega iOS Games. They're releasing games on the App Store and making a bunch of dough -- everything from ports of their classic titles to new IPs. Nintendo refuses to do anything that may seem like competition to its own handheld system, but we don't care. Not when Sega is giving us great stuff like Virtua Tennis and Sonic the Hedgehog. Let's take a look at the 10 Best Sega iOS Games in the App Store that you should be playing. SEGA!

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    The Cave

    Kicking off our list of the 10 Best Sega iOS Games is The Cave, one of those weird, quirky puzzle games that can frustrate a gamer if they're too impatient with the controls. Once you get past that, you're in for a treat with beautiful graphics and the ability to choose from seven different characters. This PC port from the creator of Monkey Island is worth downloading.

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    Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition

    A big update for Super Monkey Ball 2 gives fans the Sakura Edition featuring six worlds, 125 stages, four monkeys to choose from and a bunch of mini-games. The graphics are gorgeous, but if you're not a tilt master then your poor monkey is going to be slipping on banana peels left and right as he falls off the track.

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    Jack Lumber

    Your grandma was crushed by a tree and it's up to you to avenge her. What an odd way to start your lumberjack puzzle game, but there it is. With cute graphics and engaging puzzles, Jack Lumber chopped his way into the App Store to rave reviews.

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    Golden Axe II

    Why Golden Axe 2 and not Golden Axe or Golden Axe 3? Because Golden Axe 2 has new enemies and magic from the original. To be honest, you could go with the original Golden Axe or pick the sequel. Either one is side-scrolling awesomeness that retro gamers will enjoy. You could even pick up Streets of Rage if you don't like fantasy-type beat-em-ups. Just don't pick up Golden Axe 3. It blows.

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    Shining Force

    This seems like more of a retro 10 Best Sega iOS Games list than anything else, but Sega's ports of their old classics are awesome, and Shining Force is another example of that. One of the greatest old-school RPGs plays beautifully on your iPhone and really takes you back to the time when you spent days in front of the TV while your parents yelled at you to go outside and be a normal human being. Stupid parents, what did they know.

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    Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

    Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing is a fantastic kart game, with tons of tracks and cool weapons. If Nintendo wants to be lazy and not port Super Mario Kart over to the App Store, then so be it. Us gamers will be too busy playing this awesome Sega title to complain about it.

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    ChuChu Rocket!

    This Dreamcast puzzle classic is one of the best retro buys in the App Store. With over 500 puzzles, awesome graphics and a great multiplayer feature, you'll be amazed at how well this game stands up against newer puzzle titles in the App Store.

  • 3

    Phantasy Star II

    Honestly, there's no real good or bad spot to place Phantasy Star II on this list. You're either into RPGs, or you're not. If you are, and you've never played this retro classic, then you my friend, are in for quite a treat.

  • 2

    Crazy Taxi

    It's one of the best arcade to iOS ports out there, and we love the fact that we can take this classic with us wherever we go. Beautiful graphics, a great frame rate and kick ass tunes makes Crazy Taxi one of the best Sega must haves on your iPhone or iPad.

  • 1

    Sonic CD

    Our 10 Best Platforms Games winner also tops our 10 Best Sega iOS Games list. Why? Because it's an amazing port of arguably the best Sonic game ever made. Controls are spot on, the music is the best in the series and it's hours and hours of speedy Sonic goodness.


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