It's no easy task finding the 10 Best Kingdom Hearts Cosplays. With so much popularity, it's common to spot cosplayers from this series online and at conventions around the world. This kind of quantity in numbers makes it difficult to find the ones that really stick out from the crowd. Luckily, we've done the work for you! Take a look at the 10 Best Kingdom Hearts Cosplays.


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    Kingdom Hearts II

    Coming in at #10 on our 10 Best Kingdom Hearts Cosplays list is Saix, worn by Nikkiolie. While many others have attempted his character before, the attention to detail on the wig, facial features, and coat is impressive.

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    Kingdom Hearts II

    It's not everyday you come across an Axel cosplayer that pulls off his look. We've got give props to Erica for the wig and simplicity of her make-up. It's hard to have those things spot on.

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    Kingdom Hearts II

    You can find Sora just about anywhere -- come on, he's the main character! However, how many times do you get the chance to see an Anti-Sora? This cosplay is one of the few you'll find, but it'll be even harder to find one as well put together as this.

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    Sora and Riku

    Kingdom Hearts

    As stated, you can find Sora just about anywhere. Finding a good one is a challenge, though. It's even less common to find a good Riku alongside him. These two managed to impress us by looking like they came straight from the video game!

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    Kingdom Hearts II

    If anyone can bring justice to Kairi's character, it's this girl. Admittedly, We had to take a second look to make sure it wasn't a photoshopped screenshot from the game.

    Shiro Ang
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    Roxas and the Gang

    Kingdom Hearts II

    The gang's all here at #5 on our 10 Best Kingdom Hearts Cosplays list! Being a collective of more casual costumes, Roxas and his buddies manage to pull it off flawlessly. Even the ice cream looks well made!

    Nadine (Yuugi-Mutou)
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    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

    There's a lot of fine detail when it comes to Ventus' costume. Cvy does an amazing job with his character, perfecting the look down to the very last switch.

    Adrian Song
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    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

    This cosplay is, without a doubt, one of the most gorgeous ones on this list. Rinoa is a popular Aqua cosplayer, and it's not hard to see why.

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    Xigbar and Larxene

    Kingdom Hearts II

    Xigbar and Larxene aren't the most popular characters, but that didn't stop these two. Their costumes, facial features, and poses are so spot-on that we feel they are the best cosplays of their characters.

    Nate Buchman
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    Roxas and Namine

    Kingdom Hearts II

    Coming in at #1 on our 10 Best Kingdom Hearts Cosplays list is Roxas and Namine. Everything about this picture is perfect, and truly deserving of our #1 spot.