BeaverTap Games has announced that they will follow up their platforming hit Mikey Shorts with a sequel of its own -- Mikey Hooks! Much like the first game, you will enjoy pinpoint platforming controls that you can use to take Mikey through level after level of high-speed action. But there's a new addition to the game and the hint is in the title. Can you guess what it is?

It's the hookshot! That's right, one of Link's staple accessories will take a starting role in the gameplay of Mikey Hooks, letting you propel the pixelated protagonist across many a chasm and over many an enemy at high speed.

According to a post over at Touch Arcade, Mikey Shorts creators Mike Gaughen and Mike Meade share a common fondness for hookshots in video games and it was one of the reasons why decided to pair up and make the Mikey games to begin with.

There's no concrete release date set just yet. But you can expect Mikey Hooks to grapple his way up to the App Store sometime this spring.