More news from the world of Kickstarter today. Battle Worlds: Kronos, a new turn based strategy game by Book of Unwritten Tales developer King Art, is the subject of a rather impressive crowdfunding campaign.

Battle World: Kronos is somewhat inspired by Nintendo’s Advance Wars. The game, set in a futuristic world, is, “pure and simple; a strategy game for experienced gamers,” according to King Art. It will feature a full single-player campaign, individual single-player challenge maps, live multiplayer, and asynchronous multiplayer as well, great for mobile platforms.

The development team originally asked for $120,000 dollars, but with 19 days to go the team has already surpassed their goal to the tune of $172,000 and growing. Even so, the $120,000 goal only pays for about a third of the game’s total budget, the rest of which will be gained through other means. The game will cost about $300,000 to make, so any extra money you can throw it’s way will only speed development along.

Currently, King Art plans to release Battle Worlds: Kronos on PC and Mac. However, should the team reach their $250,000 stretch goal, the game will be ported to Android and iOS platforms including the Ouya. The game is also running a campaign on Steam Greenlight.