Avalanche Studios and Square Enix have revealed all sorts of juicy deets about the upcoming open world shooter, Just Cause 3. 

Game Informer reports that Avalanche Studios' New York office is going all out on the development of Just Cause 3. We have learned that death-defying grappler, Rico Rodriguez, has returned to his come country to liberate it from its crazy dictator. Taking place many years after the second game, Rico has definitely aged in his visage. In order to liberate his Mediterranean home country of Medici from the evil General Di Ravello, he's going to utilize a new wing suit and grappling mechanics. You can soar through the skies and hook onto any object, enemy or aircraft near you, adding a ton of diversity and allowing you to tap into your creativity in how to handle things. The wing suit will allow Rico to alter his descent from high places in a much more controlled fashion.

Just Cause 3 is going to feature a 400 square mile area of gameplay, letting you explore the three main areas from the get-go. You'll wage war against strongholds and once you clear enough Ravello propaganda, you'll gain control of these areas, which will provide you with support, safehouses and vehicles.

Just Cause 3 will launch sometime in 2015 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Avalanche Studios/Game Informer