Atlus has announced that the RPG and anime-esque escapades of Stella Glow are coming to North America and we're super excited.

Destructoid reports that Atlus has announced that its RPG game for the 3DS, Stella Glow, won't just be stopping in Japan, but will also be coming to North America as well. If you're not sure what the game is about, you can read its description below:

Players take on the role of Alto, a young knight who must convince Witches throughout the Regnant Kingdom to join his side and stop Hilda, the Witch of Destruction, and her cruel Harbingers. Use the forgotten magic of Son in battle by tuning allied Witches to unlock their full potential.

You can check out the trailer above for not only some of the storyline, but also some of the gameplay that you can expect from this upcoming JRPG. Unfortunately, the video isn't in English, Atlus is still working on that, but you can get the gist by reading the synopsis above and paying attention to the names (that are thankfully in English) in the video. The gameplay has chibi-like characters that bounce around and defeat huge monsters, which is pretty cute. Plus, there's a character in it that looks strikingly like Leefa from Sword Art Online. The game looks to be a tactical, grid-based RPG which we can't wait to play.

While there still isn't a set release date yet, you can look forward to Stella Glow coming to North America for Nintendo 3DS sometime this year.