A new update to Angry Birds Star Wars 2 brings a frozen Han for you to fling at all those evil hams.

New playable characters in Rovio's Carbonite Pack include Han Solo in Carbonite, Lando, Jabba the Hutt, Wicket the Ewok, the Jedi Kit Fisto, Palpatine's Royal Crimson Guard, a Red Shock Trooper and a Tusken Raider. Wicket the Ewok will split mid-launch into an army of Ewoks to help raise terror against the Emperor's Piggies. Carbonite Han flies like a brick but provides a heavy amount of damage with each pull. Kit will swing in multiple circles with his lightsaber out, maximizing the number of things that he hits (a shame he couldn't hit Palpatine). Of course, Jabba is the head of a giant, green piggy and has a ton of endurance.

Beware the Pork Side now that Angry Birds Star Wars 2's Carbonite Pack is finally available with its eight new characters, four secret levels and a variety of new physics mechanics for you to experiment with.