Get those heads pointed down at those mobile devices and those thumbs pressed to the screens, because Angry Birds Epic is now available.

Rovio has announced that Angry Birds Epic, their new role-playing game based in the wacky world of the angriest avian heroes we've ever seen, is now available for download. In Epic, players will get to explore a high fantasy version of Piggy Island, complete with all of the trappings of a fantasy adventure including swords, spells and enemies like King Pig, Wiz Pig and Prince Porky.

Your feathered friends will have the ability to don equipment you can craft yourself and can undergo upgrades. The best part? There are tons of hats to boot. A crafting system, a fantasy-fueled story and role-playing game mechanics await those who want to jump into Angry Birds Epic.

Jami Laes, Executive Vice Preside of Games at Rovio Entertainment, said, "The Angry Birds characters are a perfect fit for a role-playing game because they have strong personalities and individual superpowers. They are almost like character classes from the get go. Angry Birds Epic isn’t straight-up fantasy, but we have kept that weird and surprising Rovio humor in there. Get ready to head into battle with some pretty wacky equipment and powers under your belt!”

Find Angry Birds Epic on the Apple App Store, Google Play store, Windows Phone Store and Amazon App Store now. It's free to play, so you literally have nothing to lose -- except perhaps your productivity.