It seems that the developers package that was released with Google Glass has a couple extra tidbits hidden within it. Google evidently has plans to release an Android Game Center.

Some brilliant people over at Android Police were able to get their hands on the Google Glass APK and they tore it apart to see what was inside. What they found might surprise you a little. Basically, Google seems to be providing code for different aspects of gaming. This includes multiplayer options, notifications, in-game chat, achievements, and leader boards. The multiplayer options include both the ability to utilize real time multiplayer as well as turn based.

This is all really fascinating stuff that could make the Android a much more capable gaming platform. We're sure developers would flock to the OS if they knew some of the more tricky features such as multiplayer were already taken care of in the dev kit.

We're curious to see what rolls out from Google in the coming weeks. Hopefully it will make us gamers very excited.