Among the Sleep, from Krillbite Studio in Norway, has only recently debuted on Kickstarter, but it's already proving to be a pretty popular project. After all, who wouldn't want to go through a horror-adventure game from the perspective of a toddler?

As of this writing, fans have pledged $67,715 to the project, which is a bit more than a quarter of Krillbite's goal of $200,000. With a whopping 27 days left to go in the project's lifespan, it looks like we've got another Kickstarter success story on our hands.

It also doesn't hurt that the game is being praised by various members of the video game industry, from Destructoid's Jim Sterling to Cliffy B. himself.

Some of the reward tiers show Krillbite's sense of humor, helping to bolster the company's likability. The $5,000 reward tier is called TEDDY and would net you a plush teddy bear, handmade by the crew at Krillbite. You would also get your picture on the hall of fame wall at the studio's office, so that they "are reminded of your beautiful face every day."

Check out the new environment teaser video below and check out the game's Kickstarter page to see if you'd want to lend a hand in funding this imaginative project.

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