As atmospheric, weaponless first-person horror games are on the rise, Among the Sleep puts a unique twist on the genre by making you a toddler.

Playing games like Slender: The Arrival, Daylight and Outlast have all tried to put a focus on combat-less, survival horror gameplay, but Among the Sleep appears to be the most authentic. The reason for this is that Among the Sleep puts you in the body and mind of a two-year-old. The first-person horror genre has been faced with an unexplained lack of combat while focusing on the avoidance of supernatural or otherworldly enemies (but most people would still try to pick up a pipe or something in situations like these). Among the Sleep explains this lack of offense by putting you in the perspective of the most defenseless form to ever hit the genre -- a toddler.

Watching Among the Sleep's gameplay shows off a staggering amount of atmospheric and surreal frights that arise from exploring a supposedly haunted house. It's honestly hard to tell which parts of the house are actually haunted and which are just exaggerated by the toddler's imagination, which is brilliantly illustrated when everything comes together. But don't let the toddler's perspective fool you; this house is indeed haunted. The only form of companionship or coaching you receive comes from your stuffed teddy bear, which was originally pulled from your crib and found in a spin cycle of the washing machine, obviously placed there by some sort of insidious phantasm (no puns, we promise). This game is what every episode of 'Rugrats' should have really been like.

Among the Sleep should be arriving on PC sometime this spring.