The App Store is filled with a ton of weird, wondrous games, and Alien With a Magnet looks like it might be joining that wacky family.

Indie developer Lukas Hoenderdos just issued a press release that his upcoming game, Alien With a Magnet, is on schedule and looking good. He's teaming up with artist Ricardo de Zoete, who worked on the App Store game Push Panic, to create a game that looks both crazy and fun to play.

You play as an alien trying to get back to his home planet. But the only thing working on his spaceship is a magnet. The story mode will have over 20 levels. There will also be a Star Mode and a color mode where the alien will color in randomly generated black & white galaxies.

The game is expected to be released sometime in Q1 of 2013. We'll keep you updated on its progress.