We've always been big fans of music games on consoles. There have been music games for all tastes on consoles and in arcades. If you weren't a fan of Dance Dance Revolution (or just couldn't grasp the choreography), surely you rocked out with Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Even the handheld versions on Nintendo DS and PSP were cool. Now that everything's gone mobile, there's even more variety of music gaming experiences in the palm of your hand (or lap as it were). Here are our picks for the 10 best music games on iOS.

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    Groove Coaster

    Taito Corporation

    Groove Coaster is a slick new way to tap along to some groovy techno tunes. Follow the icon as it goes along the roller coaster path and tap the glowing icons as you run across them. The better you are, the more trippy the screen looks. It's a groovy game that vector junkies will love to play along with.

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    FreshPlanet Inc.

    SongPop made it in at number two in our 10 Best Trivia Games list. Basically Name That Tune, you can compete with friends or strangers to name songs or artists as quickly as possible. Win coins to buy new song packs, unlock more songs with achievements or pay for more if you can't wait. SongPop is truly addictive, and you get really good at recognizing a single chord, at least out of the four multiple choices.

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    Tap Studio

    Drop D Studios LLC

    You'll see a lot of tap games with lots of music selections below on this 10 best music games list, but what if you've already burned through them? With Tap Studio, you can record your own tap patterns to any song you own through iTunes. Then you can share and play other people's personal taps. Of course, the homemade taps aren't as good as the ones video game artists design, but the funny thing is you'll get more addicted to recording your own perfect tap than you ever were playing the ones already available.

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    Tap Tap Radiation

    Tapulous, Inc.

    There are many Tap Tap games for iPhone but Tapulous did something really special for the unique iPad version. Tap Tap Radiation is designed for a big screen, so instead of lines shooting down vertically, Tap Tap Radiation has a series of bubbles on the screen. As orbs shoot towards the bubbles, you have to tap in rhythm. It's not quite as natural or thrilling as the original version, but it's a beautiful a port to the iPad.

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    Lyric Legend

    TuneWiki Inc.

    Lyric Legend is a fun twist on the music genre. Instead of hitting the right notes, you have to hit the right words. Sounds easy, right? Not when they jumble the words out of order and you've got to tap the right words in rhythm with the singer. You really have to know the words to the song you're playing. In other words, you have to be a Lyric Legend.

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    Michael Jackson: The Experience


    The King of Pop moonwalks his way into our 10 best music games list. I never played Michael Jackson: The Experience on console, so I can't speak to the port, but I can't imagine any better Michael Jackson simulation for mobile devices. Swipe in different directions, in the right order, often with two hands, to make Michael dance. The only downside is they're missing some key songs, even in the library for purchase. I know he was prolific and you can't have everything, but no Thriller? Come on. Still, rocking out to Beat It and Billie Jean is pretty cool.

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    Tap Tap Revenge Tour

    Tapulous, Inc.

    The kings of tap games put together the ultimate tapping experience in Tap Tap Revenge Tour. The game is free but of course you can buy more songs and upgrades, or just gain achievements the old fashioned way, by earning them. Tap Tap sends notes down your screen that you have to tap in the right order and rhythm. There are some great standalone Tap Taps as well, like Tap Tap Muppets, Tap Tap Glee, Tap Tap Katy Perry, Justin Bieber or whoever the kids like these days.

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    Guitar Rock Tour 2


    Gameloft really did the music game right. Guitar Rock Tour 2 gives you the guitar experience the title suggests. It's basically like Tap Tap but it is four notes and more guitar-like. However, the true stroke of genius in Guitar Rock Tour 2 is the drum game. There are fewer beats for drums than guitar, but it's deceptively tricky. Just don't make too much of a racket and wake up the neighbors.

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    Guitar Hero


    I've been a huge fan of the Guitar Hero franchise since it started on consoles, and I feel the Guitar Hero mobile port is brilliant. It's basically the same tapping as the above games, but the one twist that just makes it feel so authentic is the directional swipes. Songs will have you swipe chords left and right, making you feel like you're strumming. I wish Activision would reopen the franchise (at least the mobile division!), but there will always be new Guitar Heroes who get new iPhones. Do yourself a favor and rock out to this #1 entry in our 10 best music games list.

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    Beat Gather


    What do you do when music games start becoming stale? You create something entirely new and addicting! Beat Gather not only lets you create your own challenge, it lets you play from any song in your playlist! Plus with so many other players uploading their own songs online, Beat gather will never run out of songs that you can play. It's the best music game yet in the App Store!