The 10 best trivia games, that’s one of the toughest questions of all. There are so many trivia games out there, because there are endless questions and categories. Some are very specific, some are downright inappropriate (I just couldn’t bring myself to include Celebrity Dead or Alive on this list.) It seems like a no brainer, pun totally intended, but believe me, there were some bad ones out there (and some broken ones with the wrong answer set). Are you smart enough to match our 10 best trivia games?

  • 10

    That Ain't It

    IMAK Creations

    This is a simple twist on trivia. Instead of guessing the right answer, you have to figure out the wrong one. One of these things is not like the other, yadda, yadda, yadda. It’s simple multiple choice and the longer you take, it narrows down the choices at the expense of your score, but it’s good simple fun and deserves a spot on our 10 best trivia games list.

  • 9


    Sony Pictures Television

    For die hard game show fans only, the mobile version of Jeopardy simulates all the rules and graphics of the game, and most of the sounds save for Alex Trebek’s own voice. However, multiple choice Jeopardy is weird. You don’t really have to know the answers, you just have to guess one out of the three questions.

  • 8

    Family Feud

    Ludia, Inc.

    A little better than the Jeopardy port, Family Feud totally gets the survey game. You have a chance to suggest pretty much any answer, and the game has a good A.I. to guess what you’re spelling and fill in the rest. My only beef is I have real issues with some of the answers they claim people gave to questions, but I guess that’s frustrating on the real show too.

  • 7

    Trivie - Battle of Wits!

    Trivie, Inc

    This is a solid multiple choice trivia you play against other folks you find online. A diverse range of questions and categories, a reasonable difficulty level that makes you feel smart but not coddled, and a bright and colorful graphic system make Trivie a good go to trivia game.

  • 6

    Trivia by Sporcle

    Sporcle, Inc

    For more of the right brained trivia thinker, this 10 best trivia game forces you to be a bit more creative than just knowing answers. Categories can be fictional minutiae, clever word play or outright creative writing, but once you catch on you have to complete the list in the allotted time. I like the stretch, and the categories on TV cities and fake movie sequels tickled me.

  • 5

    Trivia Harvest

    Jenkins Software

    This new game calls itself a role playing board game, but the trivia part is top notch. Roll the dice, move along the board and battle the farmers and barnyard creatures, but the multiple choice questions are tricky enough and rewarding enough to make this an entertaining one for trivia buffs. Special rules make it unique too, like booting your worst categories as a reward.

  • 4

    Doodle Movie Challenge

    Odin's Eye LLC

    I’m partial to movie trivia, and this one is irresistible. You’d think stick figure interpretations of famous movies would get old, but it doesn’t. There is plenty of variety, some creative solutions to illustrate famous movie scenes or posters, and some real stumpers in there.

  • 3

    Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? & Friends


    As game show ports go, this is the most natural and closest to the actual TV game. Multiple choice questions are designed to trick you into thinking you know the answer. It moves fast, it gives bonuses for speedy answers and it’s free unless you want to buy upgrades.

  • 2


    FreshPlanet Inc.

    This Name that Tune game is awesome. They play reasonable selections from the song so you can actually recognize it quickly. Multiple choice makes it easier. You really only need to identify one out of the four choices. Still, with songlist upgrades you can become quite obsessed with beating up to 40 random strangers or friends to be the fastest to tap the singer or title when you hear the signature chords.

  • 1


    Dragon Forged Software

    This basic trivia game is hardcore, which is why it's #1 in our 10 best trivia games list. Whether you go for infinite questions, time limit or sudden death, the categories are diverse with questions reasonable to the knowledgeable (if you just don’t know, they’re all difficult), and the graphics are focused on the words and the smarts. And it's free!