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We just can't get enough of Princess Zelda these days, and who could blame us, given that she's so legendary (bad pun, we know). As always, we love seeing different cosplayers' versions of her many different looks. In today's Cosplay of the Day, we have another Twilight Princess outfit. And you know what? It totally Hy-rules (more bad puns)!

If you've kept up with the series' long history, then you'd know that Twilight Princess was one of the darkest titles in the Zelda timeline. It was almost like playing through a gritty reboot of The Legend of Zelda. The princess definitely looks a lot more somber and wiser in this iteration, which fits in with the whole tone of the broken world.

Akuriko looks fantastic as Zelda and has a great screen-accurate costume to boot. Everything from the details on the headdress down to the ornate designs on the pauldrons is represented perfectly. Her hair even matches the highlights in Zelda's! Archaeologists years from now will unearth these photos and the people of the future will believe that the events in Twilight Princess actually happened thanks to her super-accurate designs.

Look at more of her work, which includes Saria, Harle, Marin, and other Zelda outfits, on her Cosplay.com profile.


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