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Jack Liu Square Enix

Today's Cosplay of the Day is a character who wears so many outfits, that she could be considered a cosplayer herselfl! It's the job-changing summoner from Final Fantasy 10-2, Yuna!

We all love Yuna from Final Fantasy 10 and felt for her during the events of the game's ending, but the sequel provided her with a Charlie's Angels-esque rebirth in which she teamed up with Rikku and newcomer Paine to travel the world and right some wrongs. She can also tear it up on stage as a Songstress and sing her heart out, making her a definite siren.

Here's Myrionette, a Canadian cosplayer, in the Songstress outfit and looking every bit like Yuna. Hell, we kind of prefer her to Square-Enix's character design! She gives Yuna a sort of fiery passion and strength that shines through in her poses. This is one fierce cosplayer with a killer look!

Keep a watch out for more of Myrionette's work on!

Jack Liu
Jack Liu
Jack Liu
Jack Liu
Jack Liu
Jack Liu
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