Fourteen-year-old Nathon Brooks, who was charged Monday with two counts of attempted first degree murder, claims he shot his parents at their Moses Lake, Washington home after they took his video games away.

In a police report retrieved by iFiber One News, Moses Lake police Sgt. Mike Williams wrote that Brooks, "said he would quit playing violent video games because he thought they were making him more violent." When asked by Williams how often he played video games, Brooks responded, "24/7."

Brooks was allegedly angered after being grounded for two weeks by his parents in which he would not be allowed to use any "electronic devices."

"He said he was rethinking it, but said ultimately the voice telling him to do it was louder than the one telling him not to," reported Williams. "He just said he heard it over and over in his head that he would be able to do whatever he wanted if he killed his parents."

Prosecutors are requesting that Brooks, whose bail has been set at $500,000, be tried as an adult. Both parents survived the shooting.