Volpin Props Brings League of Legends' Fishbones to Life

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Harrison Krix, the genius prop-maker behind Volpin Props, has taken to recreating League of Legends' Jinx's Fishbones, the shark-shaped rocket launcher.

According to Kotaku, Krix has posted photos of the creation of a life-sized, accurate prop modeled after Fishbones, the rocket launcher that can be toggled on with Jinx's Q skill. In the game, toggling Fishbones on gives Jinx bonus attack range and allows her to deal 10% AD bonus damage with her attacks at the cost of her mana.

You can head to the Volpin Props flickr page to see the entire process. It's fascinating to see how all of the components come together to create an accurate prop that has a working jaw and flashing lights. Get a peek at some of the process below.

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